So you'd like to have an ak built?

Here are some steps to get you going

Which rifle?

It is strongly recommended that you research and try aks you like before you decide to have one built. Aks are riveted and pressed together so changes can be costly. 


Many customers source their own parts from companies like Arms of America then send them in to be built. Sellrain Ak can also accomplish this for you if you don't feel comfortable. Recommended barrels are Jmac CHF, AK Builder, Faxon, and original Bulgarian from Kvar Corp. Recommended receivers are Recreator, Childers, Morrissey and Nodak.


When Shipping parts to Sellrain Ak that include a receiver, please make sure to include a copy of our FFL and your driver license or government ID in the box. Also ensure that the return address on your shipping label matches the address on your ID. Our preferred carrier is Fedex. UPS and USPS are also fine.